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Production Company

Malagurski Cinema is a Canadian production company with a chapter in Serbia, making films since 2005.

Documentary Films

From human rights to economic systems, the topics are presented in an honest and entertaining manner.

Festival Exposure

Raindance in London, Beldocs in Belgrade, Subversive in Zagreb, Baneff in Stockholm and Oslo, and many more.

Broadcasted Worldwide

Presented in front of 644 million on RT, 50 million on Eurochannel, and others, the films have circled the globe.

A Fresh Look

Boris Malagurski, born in 1988, with his team of young, ambitious and inspired artists, works round-the-clock on film projects.

Cutting Edge & Provocative

A no holds barred look at local and world issues, aimed to inform objectively and produce social change.
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The Movement

It all really began with Kosovo | Can You Imagine?, a film dealing with human rights in Kosovo, after which Boris Malagurski aimed at uncovering the causes behind the breakup of Yugoslavia in The Weight of Chains. In The Presumption of Justice, ways in which a tragedy was exploited for political gans were analyzed, while Belgrade presented the world with a different story about the Serbian capital. The Weight of Chains 2 went one step further than the first part and asked - what next? In essence, these films are not about showing reality - they are about changing it.


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