‘The Weight of Chains 2’ Finally On Serbia’s National Broadcaster


Boris Malagurski’s documentary film “The Weight of Chains 2” will have its Serbian broadcast premiere on Radio Television Serbia (RTS) on Thursday, July 28. Like part one of that film, it was completed with support by the Program Archive on RTS, but the first part was never aired on TV, due to a decision made by the then head of RTS, Aleksandar Tijanic. Even after subsequent protests and public pressures on RTS to air the disputed documentary, which talked about Western involvement behind the breakup of Yugoslavia and their economic control over the newly formed republics, the first part was never broadcasted on RTS, or any other television station in Serbia, despite the fact that it was broadcasted on several worldwide networks such as RT and Eurochannel, as well as regional TV channels such as RTRS and RTV BN. Tijanic's argument was that the film was already screened on one television station with a national frequency in Serbia, which wasn't the case, as only clips from the film were shown during an interview with Malagurski on Happy TV's "Cirilica" talkshow for promotional purposes.

The broadcast of part two of the trilogy (Malagurski is planning on producing part three) is the first airing of a political documentary by Boris Malagurski on Serbia's national broadcaster. The new head of RTS, Dragan Bujosevic, has held the position of the director of the oldest daily newspaper in the Balkans, Politika, which wrote extensively about "The Weight of Chains" as it was being produced, has shown great courage in broadcasting the controversial documentary, which features exclusive interviews with Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Carla Del Ponte, Michael Parenti and many others who talk about neoliberal reforms in the Balkans and around the world. Boris Malagurski and Malagurski Cinema would like to thank RTS and the heads of RTS for this bold move and the hope is that the first part will also be broadcasted in the future, together with other films produced by Malagurski Cinema in the years ahead. There should also be an emphasis that Malagurski Cinema provided the documentary to RTS for free, but under the condition that no cuts are made and that the film is broadcasted in its integral version. The broadcast premiere is on RTS2, on Thursday, July 28th at 9:55 p.m.