Serbia: A Mythical Exploration



Director: Boris Malagurski


“Serbia: A Mythical Exploration” unveils the rich tapestry of Serbian history, myths, and cultural influences, painting a vivid picture of its unique lifestyle. The film navigates through Serbia’s ancient tales, starting with the mythology of river fairies closely tied to the Danube’s historic fortresses and cities, blending folklore with Serbia’s dynamic social life, from its music festivals to Belgrade’s vibrant river rafts and restaurants. It delves into the global curiosity of vampires, originating from Serbia’s folklore in South Banat, showcasing the country’s architectural marvels, monasteries, and unique tourism in Vojvodina. Lastly, it honors Serbia’s legendary heroes like Marko Kraljević, exploring the valor preserved in the nation’s myths, paired with the southern region’s exquisite cuisine, natural beauty, and warm hospitality.


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