Republika Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom


Status: In Production

Director: Boris Malagurski

Screenplay by: Miloš Ninković

Host & Narrator: Stefan Popović

Director of Photography: Mladen Janković

Genre: Documentary

Language: English, Serbian


“Republika Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom” will be a feature documentary film with the goal of presenting this wonderful land and brave people, who have been struggling for freedom for centuries, to domestic and international audiences. From the historical background of that struggle to the daily struggle for freedom that exists to this day, the film will present the Serbian nation West of the river Drina, its mentality, hospitality, food, and music, as well as modern thought and action of youths in Srpska, the successes of artists and the unique features of different parts of Srpska, presented through interesting stories. The natural wish of the people of Srpska to be free is the elementary need for de-politization and survival.

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