The Truth with Boris Malagurski


Year: 2024 – 

Host: Boris Malagurski

Language: Serbian


A social media program from Serbia, hosted by the notable Boris Malagurski, is broadcasted consistently every Friday. Each episode has a duration of approximately 10 minutes. Throughout the show, Malagurski delves into an extensive spectrum of topics that span the global political, social, and economic landscape, covering not only the prevalent current events but also significant issues that demand attention and discussion. The program is intricately woven with Malagurski’s insightful evaluations and perspectives, emphasizing the potential impact and influence that viewers can exert on worldwide occurrences and developments. This unique aspect of the show invites a more interactive and reflective engagement from the audience, encouraging them to contemplate on how they, as individuals and collectively, can contribute to shaping the course of global events.

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