About Malagurski Cinema

Malagurski Cinema is a Canadian production company based in Vancouver, BC. The company is owned by Boris Malagurski and has been developing, producing, and distributing films and television programming since 2005. As of 2012, it has a branch in Subotica, Serbia, while Malagurski is based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Production Company

Malagurski Cinema is a Canadian production company with a chapter in Serbia, making films since 2005.

Festival Exposure

Raindance in London, Beldocs in Belgrade, Subversive in Zagreb, Baneff in Stockholm and Oslo, and many more.

A Fresh Look

Boris Malagurski, born in 1988, with his team of young, ambitious and inspired artists, works round-the-clock.

Documentary Films

From human rights to economic systems, the topics are presented in an honest and entertaining manner.

Broadcasted Worldwide

Presented in front of 644 million on RT, 50 million on Eurochannel, and others, the world has seen the films.

Cutting Edge & Provocative

A no holds barred look at local and world issues, aimed to inform objectively and produce social change.


Years in Business


People Supporting the Work


Feature Docs Produced


Premieres in Cities Worldwide

About Boris Malagurski | CEO

Where It All Started

Born in 1988 to Prof. Dr. Branislav Malagurski and Slavica Malagurski, Boris grew up in the northern Serbian town of Subotica. Malagurski’s last name originates from the Polish town of Mała Góra. In the 17th century, a soldier from that town fought under the command of Prince Eugene of Savoy against the Turks in the Battle of Senta and afterwards decided to stay in Subotica, which is now in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Malagurski emigrated to Canada in 2005. While studying Film Production at the University of British Columbia, Malagurski became a Canadian citizen and founded the Malagurski Cinema production company. In 2011, he moved to Belgrade and in 2019, he finished his Masters Degree at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom.

His Best Known Work

  • The Canada Project (60 min, 2005) Malagurski’s move from Serbia to Canada.
  • Kosovo | Can You Imagine? (30 min, 2009) Human rights of Serbs in Kosovo.
  • The Weight of Chains (124 min, 2010) The reasons behind the breakup of Yugoslavia
  • The Presumption of Justice (40 min, 2012) What really happened to Brice Taton.
  • Belgrade (82 min, 2013) The story of the Serbian capital.
  • The Weight of Chains 2 (123 min, 2014) Neoliberal reforms in the Balkans.
  • Kosovo: A Moment In Civilization (46min, 2017) Serbia’s UNESCO heritage in Kosovo
  • Like Me a Million (17min, 2019) Malagurski’s first fiction film
  • The Weight of Chains 3 (123min, 2019) How our existence is threatened

Festivals & Broadcast

“The Canada Project” won Best Film at the First Take International Film Festival in Toronto and was broadcasted on Radio Television Serbia, while “Kosovo | Can You Imagine?” won the Silver Palm at the International Film Festival in Mexico, as well as Best Film at the BC Days Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver. “The Weight of Chains” was screened in cinemas and festivals worldwide, including Raindance in London and BELDOCS in Belgrade, and was broadcasted in front of 644 million viewers on RT and 50 million viewers on Eurochannel. It has become a part of the official catalog of the Library of Congress in the United States. “Belgrade” was shown on Radio Television Serbia, as well as at the Montecasino Film Festival in Johannesbourg. Aside from being screened on networks such as RT and Press TV, “The Weight of Chains 2” was presented at festivals such a Raindance, BANEFF in Stockholm and Oslo, Subversive in Zagreb, as well as prestigious venues such as the National Museum of Culture in Mexico City and the Swedish Film Institute. “Like Me a Million” was screened at the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival and OFF in Sarajevo. “The Weight of Chains 3” is the closing film of the DOK Documentary Film Festival in Belgrade.

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