The Presumption Of Justice


Year: 2012

Director: Boris Malagurski, Ivana Rajovic

Writer: Boris Malagurski, Ivana Rajovic

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 40 min

Language: English, Serbian


Through the socio-political overview of the problematic issue of fan clubs and football supporters in Serbia, this movie focuses on a particular case of an incident involving a French football fan in Belgrade, Brice Taton, who died after a fight with Serbian football fans, which led to 12 young people being convicted to 240 years of prison. One of them, Stefan Velickovic, became part of a huge political scandal, as someone who has not even been at the spot of the incident, but was pronounced guilty of a crime. What are the interests and intentions for making Stefan a scapegoat?

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Notable TV Premieres

  2013 | The Presumption Of Justice | Happy TV | Serbia