Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom

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Streaming Now in the US on Apple TV

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Viewer Reviews

“Gratitude to Boris Malagurski who is giving voice to this little people lodged between Serbia and the other peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, seeking its identity with the weight of a harsh history. The film is not polemical, let alone provocative; it gives light on the way of thinking and on the past of this courageous people. Really worth seeing for everyone interested in this stormy region.”

Kathleen Boulanger
Ethnologist, European Commission, O.S.C.E.

“I did not find anything controversial about this movie. The movie contains a historic background of Bosnia-Herzegovina with well documented facts. A small portion is about the horrible war in the nineties. What happened in Srebrenica was, for example, not denied in the movie – on the contrary, it was mentioned clearly. It is very sad that several cinemas in several countries boycotted the movie under pressure of the Bosnian diaspora. Even politicians and journalists condemned the movie without even seeing it. This is the true face of cancel culture and I think that in a free democracy those things should not happen.”

Fabian Vendrig
Dutch independent journalist, historian and researcher

“This film presents our nation to the world. It talks about our centuries-long struggle for freedom, not only of Serbs West of the Drina River, but all Serbs no matter where they reside. Malagurski presents this story in a very specific way, not only reminding us of our own history, but presenting this to international audiences so they may learn more about us.”

Drasko Stanivukovic
Mayor of Banja Luka

“Aesthetically, “Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom” is reminiscent of a travel film. A narrator guides viewers through Bosnian towns and countryside presented with wide-angle and drone footage. Republika Srpska is presented as the result of this centuries-long defensive struggle against far more powerful enemies and as a guarantor for the survival of the Serbs in Bosnia. Crimes committed by Serbs are condemned in the film. In fact, one has to state that the film deals with the genocide of Srebrenica, even describing it as an “unjustifiable crime”. This is not a denial of the kind that Malagurski is regularly accused of.”

Danijel Majic
German journalist, Hesse Broadcasting

“Many facts about the long history of the Serbs in the Balkans that Malagurski presents are correct. This is shown by research by this newspaper.”

Aleksandra Hiltmann
Swiss journalist, Tages Anzeiger

“The film doesn’t deny genocide. Let’s clarify this right away.”

Kenan Cosic
Head of Superdesk, News Editor, Journalist at Sarajevo “Oslobođenje” & “O Kanal”

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Director: Boris Malagurski

Host: Stefan Popović

Executive Producers: Damjan Gunjak, Anja Grubačić

Screenplay by: Miloš Ninković

Director of Photography: Mladen Janković

Editing, Animation, Sound: Aleksandar Savić

Genre: Documentary

Language: English, Serbian


“Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom” is a feature documentary film by Serbian Canadian director Boris Malagurski, presenting the exciting story about the centuries-long struggle of the Serbian people for freedom, and includes an interview with famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica. From interesting historical stories to relatively unknown anegdotes, the film depicts the spirit of a nation West of the Drina River, its mentality, hospitality, food and music, as well as uniqueness of various parts of Srpska and beyond through fun facts from those areas.


Total Raised: $182,989

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Damjan GunjakUnited States$65,000.00
The City of Banja LukaRepublika Srpska$17,370.00
Aleksandar KavcicAustin, United States$10,000.00
The City of BijeljinaRepublika Srpska$2,560.00
The City of TeslicRepublika Srpska$2,360.00
Danijel ZaricStuttgart, Germany$2,133.00
The Municipality of StanariRepublika Srpska$1,750.00
Alex MachaskeeParma, United States$1,500.00
The City of DerventaRepublika Srpska$1,200.00
Dasico LLCUnited States$1,200.00
The Municipality of Istocna IlidzaRepublika Srpska$1,140.00
Danilo LukicBaierbrunn, Germany$1,028.00
The Municipality of SokolacRepublika Srpska$1,000.00
Lazo BjelicaBurnaby, Canada$1,000.00
Miljan JovanovicChicago, United States$1,000.00
Branko KovacevicSaint Prex, Switzerland$1,000.00
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Mihailo RisticFrance$1,000.00
Damian DuricaUnknown$1,000.00
Slavisa KokezaBelgrade, Serbia$1,000.00
Aleksandar CorlukaBelgrade, Serbia$1,000.00
Dragoslav IlicMadrid, Spain$900.00
The Municipality of ModricaRepublika Srpska$870.00
The Municipality of FocaRepublika Srpska$830.00
Goran SpasovskiVancouver, Canada$680.00
The Municipality of SamacRepublika Srpska$580.00
Dragica DubravacBrussels, Belgium$575.00
The Municipality of Novo GorazdeRepublika Srpska$555.00
28. JunCanada$520.00
Sinisa MandicTrophy Club, United States$500.00
Branko DjuricOpfikon, Switzerland$500.00
Stefan LicaninToronto, Canada$500.00
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BioMech SensorBijeljina, Republika Srpska$500.00
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Bogdan TrifunovicStuttgart, Germany$500.00
Serge TodorovichWeston, United States$500.00
Zaklina PavlovicUnknown$500.00
Milan JojkicToronto, Canada$500.00
Ljubisa KosHorsley Park, Australia$400.00
Michael MihajlovicMiddleton Grange, Australia$400.00
Aleksandar TrifunovicHanover, Germany$334.00
Marko JovanovicChicago, United States$333.00
Jovo MihicStockholm, Sweden$325.00
Simo TanasicDoboj, Republika Srpska$300.00
Vojislav StojanovicMantova, Italy$300.00
Predrag SimicDes Plaines, United States$300.00
Nemanja KovacinaFairfield, Australia$300.00
Dejan JariAllendale, United States$300.00
Nenad GrubisaLynnwood, United States$300.00
Petar TaticAdelaide, Australia$300.00
Bosiljka NikicNorth Richmond, Australia$288.00
Goran VucicBelgrade, Serbia$275.00
Smiljan SpasojevicHouston, United States$269.00
Marko DrcaMount Pritchard, Australia$250.00
Marilyn LangloisRichmond, United States$250.00
Radovan DragicNovi Sad, Serbia$250.00
Ruby IvancevichElmhurst, United States$235.00
Stefan IgnjatovicIstocno Sarajevo, Republika Srpska$230.00
Gordana SiljegovicVancouver, Canada$230.00
Theodora ZajazChain Valley Bay, Australia$210.00
Milovan UrosevicPerth, Australia$200.00
Predrag HarambasicCanning Vale, Australia$200.00
Mladen GlobarevicPalos Hills, United States$200.00
Zoran GledicLake Zurich, United States$200.00
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Mirjana Kremonic- LeeSan Francisco, United States$200.00
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Andrej NagradicDerventa, Republika Srpska$200.00
Bozidar RakonjacMiami, United States$200.00
Serbian Association "Sloga"Uppsala, Sweden$200.00
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Momir HrvacViernheim, Germany$200.00
Rade MarinkovicLausanne, Switzerland$200.00
Milica VidovichUnknown$200.00
Mirko KukolecaBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$200.00
Dejan BujakUnknown$170.00
Natasa MilicicUnknown$163.00
Branimir GajicGablitz, Austria$160.00
Marija DuronjicMexico City, Mexico$150.00
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Mesic Serbian Orthodox MonasteryVrsac, Serbia$140.00
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Goran StarcevicVienna, Austria$123.00
Neda DjordjevicBelgrade, Serbia$120.00
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Zeljko GavricBrcko, Republika Srpska$120.00
Mirjana TunguzFairfield, Australia$120.00
Nikola MilicSacramento, United States$119.00
Djordje DjordjevicCopenhagen, Denmark$111.00
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Zeljko KljajicUnknown$50.00
Vladimir BrkicThornhill, Canada$50.00
Petar DjuricBelgrade, Serbia$50.00
Jovana TanjgaHosle, Norway$50.00
Milenko MrakovicUnknown$50.00
Maiapure IncToronto, Canada$50.00
Stanko KacarToronto, Canada$50.00
Ognjen MaticBurlington, Canada$50.00
Peter RaketicValparaiso, United States$50.00
Marin MioskuUnknown$50.00
Breanna TowersMelbourne, Australia$50.00
Dragana ZecevicGreen Valley, Australia$50.00
Mina JovanicUnknown$50.00
Djordje BilinacBelgrade, Serbia$50.00
Rajka RadovancevCicero, United States$50.00
Dusko AlavanjaFairfield, Australia$50.00
Bratislav CvijeticVirginia Beach, United States$50.00
Velibor MileticVleuten, Netherlands$50.00
Dusan PetrovicOttawa, Canada$50.00
Velibor RadovicUnknown$50.00
Dragana DjukicLondon, United Kingdom$50.00
Slaven PijevacBelgrade, Serbia$50.00
Nemanja KovacevicUnknown$50.00
Aleksandra KamenkoCamas, United States$50.00
S&N Book Cover DesingDortmund, Germany$50.00
Damjan RvovicLudwigsburg, Germany$50.00
Nenad NikolicPhiladelphia, United States$50.00
Bosko IvanisevicNovi Sad, Serbia$50.00
Jagoda MircetaUnknown$50.00
Danijel BjelajacMunich, Germany$50.00
Milos RadumiloLondon, Canada$50.00
Goran TolimirHerzogenaurach, Germany$50.00
Suzana TubicUnknown$50.00
Slavisa CvijanovicMorfelden Walldorf, Germany$50.00
Nenad KantarMauerbach, Austria$50.00
Sinisa MiseljicVejle, Denmark$50.00
Stefan VidovichUnknown$50.00
Milenko JovanovicWaramanga, Australia$50.00
Robert W HunterVancouver, Canada$50.00
Mila KisicUnknown$50.00
Bojan GrabovacLengnau, Switzerland$50.00
Aleksandra PotkonjakUnknown$50.00
Leon KoreloKressbronn, Germany$50.00
Dejan SikiricaBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$45.00
Rajko AdamovicHeilbronn, Germany$45.00
Daniel IvanovicBoblingen, Germany$45.00
Borislav MaricOslo, Norway$45.00
Janko UrbanekLeek Staffordshire, United Kingdom$44.00
Continuous Improvement FitnessHaarlem, Netherlands$43.00
Sergio Gonzalez ArrietaSantiago, Chile$42.00
Ognjen MarkovicBelgrade, Serbia$40.00
Vesna VukovToronto, Canada$40.00
Nemanja MarjanovicUnknown$40.00
Srdjan ZivanicMannheim, Germany$40.00
Ana JancicUnknown$40.00
Savo BabicFrankfurt, Germany$40.00
Sergej CvijeticBelgrade, Serbia$40.00
Milan JokicUnknown$40.00
Milan MitranicCalgary, Canada$40.00
Biljana StojanovicUnknown$40.00
Nemanja MaricPrnjavor, Republika Srpska$40.00
Vedran IlicMalmo, Sweden$40.00
Stefan NikolicUnknown$40.00
Nebojsa VrsajkovicLandquart, Switzerland$40.00
Stefan StjepanovicFrankfurt, Germany$40.00
Goran DobricStoney Creek, Canada$40.00
Maksim i Sladjana RomanoUnknown$40.00
Nenad SparicBelgrade, Serbia$40.00
Cedomir DjukicMiddleburg Hts, United States$40.00
Dragan BursacMississauga, Canada$40.00
Dalibor DelicBad Kohlgrub, Germany$40.00
Bosiljka MarkovicUnknown$40.00
Lazar MatarugaKitchener, Canada$40.00
Rade MaksimovicBelgrade, Serbia$37.00
Danijel RajicGrafelfing, Germany$37.00
Anastasija BrankovicUnknown$35.00
Predrag DracaCairnlea, Australia$35.00
Oliver ProvicUnknown$35.00
Anita DzepinaMontreal, Canada$35.00
Melanija PopovicNorth Battleford, Canada$35.00
Dejan JovicevicGmunden, Austria$33.00
Sasa MiladinovicUnknown$32.00
Nemanja VukicFrankfurt, Germany$31.00
Ljubisa MasicBergen, Norway$30.00
Tatjana LukicBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$30.00
Uros KosicUnknown$30.00
Aleksandra JefticMunich, Germany$30.00
Ilija JaksicNaperville, United States$30.00
Sasa DjurasUnknown$30.00
Stefan StojkovikjWestmont, United States$30.00
Aleksa StefanovicUnknown$30.00
Milovan Mika IlicNew York City, United States$30.00
Milivoje KojadinovicUnknown$30.00
Vladimir VrancicBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$30.00
Svjetlana MaksimovicMedvode, Slovenia$30.00
No Limit ChiptuningUnknown$30.00
Ratko AdzicNiksic, Montenegro$30.00
Dejan LukicLiebenau, Austria$30.00
Ivan DjokicHampshire, United Kingdom$30.00
Rade BajicUnknown$30.00
Ugljesa DjuricPancevo, Serbia$30.00
Nikola RangelovUnknown$30.00
Sonja DragutinovicGarbsen, Germany$30.00
Radenko JercicKlagenfurt, Austria$30.00
Ratko GrujicUnknown$30.00
Sasa VasicWettingen, Switzerland$30.00
Marko RadisicZurich, Switzerland$30.00
Goran SusaWien, Austria$30.00
Mira TunguzFairfield, Australia$30.00
Momir RadicUnknown$30.00
Marta StojanovicOrleans, Canada$30.00
Predrag SlavkovicUnknown$30.00
Maksim DragicWien, Austria$30.00
Cedo ZivkovicNova Varos, Serbia$30.00
Dusko KelemanLaktasi, Republika Srpska$30.00
Andreja FilipovicSkovlunde, Denmark$30.00
Milan ScekicSremski Karlovci, Serbia$30.00
Leonardo SkoricRemseck am Neckar, Germany$30.00
Dragana BjelanUnknown$30.00
Vlado PurkovicBelgrade, Serbia$30.00
Vesna GvozdenacStuttgart, Germany$30.00
Obrad PreradPlochingen, Germany$30.00
Zoran RomicBonnyrigg Heights, Australia$30.00
Milos DosenNovi Sad, Serbia$30.00
Nenad SparicUnknown$30.00
Ekaterina AssenovaAberdeen, United Kingdom$30.00
Daniel LazicFurth, Germany$30.00
Jelena MalinovicUnknown$30.00
Marko MitrovicHaar, Germany$30.00
Milorad UbiparipRockaway Beach, United States$30.00
Milos ZlatkovicUnknown$30.00
Djordje GakBelgrade, Serbia$30.00
Filip GradPerkasie, United States$30.00
Branka BasicaNovi Sad, Serbia$30.00
Djordje NovkovicZagreb, Croatia$30.00
Slobodan KuzmanovicSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina $30.00
Mirjana Todoric-VukasinovicKingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom$30.00
Davor BulicUnknown$30.00
Momcilo ObradovicVaucluse, Australia$30.00
Olga Markovic DjordjevicTarpon Springs, United States$30.00
Zoran LatinovicBasking Ridge, United States$30.00
Bojan MalicSon, Norway$30.00
Stefan DavidovicQuebec City, Canada$30.00
Dragan MihojlicUnknown$30.00
Mihailo RajkovicRuden, Austria$30.00
Milan PavlovicZurich, Switzerland$30.00
Bozidar TrifunovicUnknown$30.00
Jadranko MitrovicNiagara Falls, Canada$30.00
Milena ZlatanovicToronto, Canada$30.00
Christian & TatjanaVienna, Austria$25.00
Spasoje GrkovicScottsdale, United States$25.00
Marija EldredgeUnknown$25.00
Savo PopovicBietigheim, Germany$25.00
Milos BajicUnknown$25.00
Slaven PajcinBungarribee, Australia$25.00
Srdan ZekicMarkham, Canada$25.00
Nenad KovacevicUnknown$25.00
Dragan GoloOttawa, Canada$25.00
Rodoljub TodorovicUnknown$25.00
Alexander SpasojevicRotterdam, Netherlands$25.00
Jovanka StanojevicMelbourne, Australia$25.00
Jelena PavlovicUnknown$25.00
Suzana MitrasinovicFrankfurt, Germany$25.00
Marko MilutinovicBelgrade, Serbia$25.00
Aleksandar StjepanovicUnknown$25.00
Aleksandar KozeljOffenbach am Main, Germany$25.00
Miroslav PuricUnknown$25.00
Robert ManityDietikon,Switzerland$25.00
Thomas PomereinkeBoblingen, Germany$25.00
Sandra PandurovMadrid, Spain$25.00
Aleksandar JevtovicBerlin, Germany$25.00
Goran ZarkovicUnknown$25.00
Radomir NedicMunich, Germany$25.00
Lidija AndrejevicAmsterdam, Netherlands$25.00
Marko PalangeticGhent, Belgium$25.00
Nikola JacimovicUnknown$25.00
Dragana DukicMunich, Germany$25.00
Aleksa BugarskiDublin, Ireland$25.00
Marko KatanicMamer, Luxembourg$25.00
Milan KvardaVitkovice v Krkonosich, Czech Republic$24.00
Marko PrposPrijedor, Republika Srpska$23.00
Marko SiminUnknown$23.00
Mirko RakicUnknown$22.00
Milos ProticUnknown$22.00
Vladimir VujovicUnknown$22.00
Aleksandra RatkovicWattwil, Switzerland$21.00
Sladana PetosOffenbach am Main, Germany$21.00
PrachtmanufakturKrumpendorf, Austria$21.00
Bobo StevicLund, Sweden$20.00
Vladimir BrajicNew Westminster, Canada$20.00
Biljana StojanovicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Dejan DraskovicBar, Montenegro$20.00
Goran SavicUnknown$20.00
Marina ModeItaly$20.00
Jovan BabinNovi Sad, Serbia$20.00
Drazenko SikimicPiacenza, Italy$20.00
Nikola BabicUnknown$20.00
Goran KartalovicPodgorica, Montenegro$20.00
Andrea PecaninGraz, Austria$20.00
Dario StambolijaCronulla, Australia$20.00
Ivan TodorovicRuma, Serbia$20.00
Bojana NikolicUnknown$20.00
Sofija PetrovicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Dusan KrtinicSchwechat, Austria$20.00
Nikola MaticUnknown$20.00
Stefan DjuricSkocjan, Slovenia$20.00
Vladislav AleksicUnknown$20.00
Srdjan VulikicPodgorica, Montenegro$20.00
Milos RistivojevicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Nenad DespotovicUnknown$20.00
Filip PetrovicLjig, Serbia$20.00
Rocco PalumboFoglianise, Italy$20.00
Alex NikolicLondon, Canada$20.00
Darko RadanovicLjubljana, Slovenia$20.00
Borislav AcimovicLørenskog, Norway$20.00
Boris SavicUnknown$20.00
Milan ZdravkovicLeskovac, Serbia$20.00
Milica VujosevicUnknown$20.00
Dragan GrcakNis, Serbia$20.00
Nikolas TomasevicSan Francisco, United States$20.00
Maja AnicicUnknown$20.00
Dragoslav MitrovicSceaux, France$20.00
Jelica DjuricUnknown$20.00
Uros MarinkovicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Marko VlaisavljevicLas Vegas, United States$20.00
Marko StojiljkovicUnknown$20.00
Jovana DerajicPrnjavor, Republika Srpska$20.00
Filip GinderVienna, Austria$20.00
Slavko KalabaVienna, Austria$20.00
Milan BlagojevicUnterschleissheim, Germany$20.00
Gavrilo MajstorovicNavan, Ireland$20.00
Dragoslav VugdelijaUnknown$20.00
Aleksandra DjordjevicHennigsdorf, Germany$20.00
Zarko DincicRiver Grove, United States$20.00
Danilo VisnjevacUnknown$20.00
Igor MijatovicDallas, United States$20.00
Mile DevuraUnknown$20.00
Dejana MusovicRegensburg, Germany$20.00
Nikola MilutinovicUnknown$20.00
Anja ZekovicHamburg, Germany$20.00
Aleksandar StojanovicUnknown$20.00
Miodrag ReskovicSaint Petersbug, United States$20.00
Maja MarkovicSan Diego, United States$20.00
Voja SkoricUnknown$20.00
AdviseTubeStraza, Slovenia$20.00
Ljubomir DrobnjakUnknown$20.00
Stojan MuzdekaMunich, Germany$20.00
Milos MujkovicVienna, Austria$20.00
Davor MihajlovicUnknown$20.00
Kristina MilekicKovin, Serbia$20.00
Mihailo MacarUnknown$20.00
Milan GrbicKeilor, Australia$20.00
Nenad TuropoljacUnknown$20.00
Aleksandar BegovicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Boris MilidragUnknown$20.00
Jasna StuparNepean, Canada$20.00
Simonida MilenkovicUnknown$20.00
Majkl ManzalovicAu, Switzerland$20.00
Snezana Krunic ZubicUnknown$20.00
Artam d.o.o.Slovenia$20.00
Jelena UrosevicUnknown$20.00
Ivan ZdravkovicUnknown$20.00
Milan KrsmanovicPale, Bosnia and Hrzegovina$20.00
Boris CelebicUnknown$20.00
Ljiljana CuculaMalmo, Sweden$20.00
Milica Milutinov & Milos PopovUnknown$20.00
Jovana JovanovicFrankfurt, Germany$20.00
Zivana PavlovicUnknown$20.00
Vladimir KovacevicAliso Viejo, United States$20.00
Aleksandar GvericUnknown$20.00
Ivan ZivojinovicVienna, Austria$20.00
Radica PantelejicUnknown$20.00
Adriana MladenovicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Sonja SteliniGharghur, Malta$20.00
Marijana BilicRockdale, Australia$20.00
Milos HercegovacUnknown$20.00
Zvezdana StepanovFeldkirchen, Germany$20.00
Slagjana GligorovskaAmsterdam, Netherlands$20.00
Branko VasiljevicUnknown$20.00
Elza AtzkovaMontreal, Canada$20.00
Aleksandar MilenkovicUnknown$20.00
Uros MitrovicBacko Dobro Polje, Serbia$20.00
Branko DjukicUnknown$20.00
Aleksandar IlincicRangendingen, Germany$20.00
Dragan SaponjicNova Varos, Serbia$20.00
Mladen BabicUnknown$20.00
Nela DasicVolketswil, Switzerland$20.00
Damjan PeuracaUnknown$20.00
DJ SedatophobiaHaarlem, Netherlands$20.00
Jugisa MirjanicKoper, Slovenia$20.00
Vesna ObradovicSt. Julian's, Malta$20.00
Ilija TopicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Tanja JovanovicBenglen, Switzerland$20.00
Bogdan DjukicUnknown$20.00
Bojan MareljaBerlin, Germany$20.00
Vera WeidenbachStuttgart, Germany$20.00
Dejan TesicUnknown$20.00
Milijana DujicSaint-Constant, Canada$20.00
Milan DjordjicUnknown$20.00
Njegos KovacevicPale, Republika Sprska $20.00
Vaso KukuricTrebinje, Republika Srpska$20.00
Denis RajcevicSioux Falls, United States$20.00
Sasa MikicUnknown$20.00
Dusan DonicCesson, France$20.00
Marko MladjanUnknown$20.00
Zorica SurlaBad Soden, Germany$20.00
Jozef BozicUnknown$20.00
Sinisa GajicMunich, Germany$20.00
Dejan ObradovicAntibes, France$20.00
Sanja RasicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Aleksandar PavlovicUnknown$20.00
Sinisa ZubicAnsfelden, Austria$20.00
Djordje StojanovskiBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Zoran HajdukovicUnknown$20.00
Lazar StankovicBenedikt, Slovenia$20.00
Roman DemirLjubljana, Slovenia$20.00
Mina VukoticMiami Beach, United States$20.00
Ivan PericUnknown$20.00
Vlad NesicParramatta, Australia$20.00
Nebojsa SiljegovicUnknown$20.00
Milan StojanovicJackson, United States$20.00
Mario BabicMunich, Germany$20.00
Mladen JutricGraz, Austria$20.00
Djordje BozicBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Dragan KuburovicFredrikstad, Norway$20.00
Igor JocicUnknown$20.00
Lili VesicCanberra, Australia$20.00
Maja PapricUnknown$20.00
Ra13 d.o.o.Slovenia$20.00
Slavko SavicGinsheim, Germany$20.00
Isidora GrbicUnknown$20.00
Branko StuparBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Biljana StefanovicUnknown$20.00
Vladimir MaticLeuven, Belgium$20.00
Aleksandar MilicevicUnknown$20.00
Miljko MiljkovicMedja, Serbia$20.00
Aleksandar PantelicAlbstadt, Germany$20.00
Boris BreberNovi Sad, Serbia$20.00
Gordana StojanovicUnknown$20.00
Teodora Arsic TeaBelgrade, Serbia$20.00
Sinisa ArbutinaTarneit, Australia$20.00
Aleksandar BanjacCelarevo, Serbia$20.00
Danilo PetrovicRudo, Republika Srpska$19.00
Predrag KrickovicNovi Sad, Serbia$19.00
Danijel PopovicBerlin, Germany$18.00
Petar PericUnknown$17.00
Jelena JagodicUnknown$15.00
Anja BoskovicBelgrade, Serbia$15.00
Slavko SakicUnknown$15.00
Matej DamnjanovicBelgrade, Serbia$15.00
Milos StakicUnknown$15.00
Jovan StojanovicParis, France$15.00
Slobodan PasalicMunich, Germany$15.00
Slavica Zlatar-BanikaEtobicoke, Canada$15.00
Dragana BjedovUnknown$15.00
Danijel KovacevicVienna, Austria$15.00
Aleksandra RadovanovicEssen, Germany$15.00
Momcilo AmovicUnknown$15.00
Vladimir DamjanovicBelgrade, Serbia$15.00
Radmila VukmirovicZurich, Switzerland$15.00
Mico KerezovicUnknown$15.00
Alexander MarjanovicLondon, United Kingdom$15.00
Olja MeyerHolbrook, United States$15.00
Milorad OrlicUnknown$15.00
Zeljko DubrojaKew Gardens, United States$15.00
Milica PanticMaribor, Slovenia$15.00
Savo DelicUnknown$15.00
Milos PusicaBelgrade, Serbia$15.00
Bozidar SkrbicUnknown$15.00
Dorde MarilovicBijeljina, Republika Srpska$15.00
Nikola StefanovicBelgrade, Serbia$15.00
Aleksandra KangrgaUnknown$15.00
Branislav DavidovicBelgrade, Serbia$15.00
Marija MiloradovicXghajra, Malta$15.00
Vlad RebicNorthampton, United Kingdom$15.00
Davor StanivukovicKranj, Slovenia$15.00
Vanja AbuhassiraMarl, Germany$15.00
Bojan SavicicUnknown$15.00
Ivan MarkovicSmederevska Palanka, Serbia$15.00
Ognjen GlisicUnknown$15.00
Slobodan TerzicErlangen, Germany$15.00
Rade StevanovicLucani, Serbia$12.00
Luka ManjicKamnik, Slovenia$12.00
Branko PavlovicKassel, Germany$12.00
Tamara BobicUnknown$12.00
Marko StefanovicNovi Pazar, Serbia$12.00
Boris BegenisicUnknown$12.00
Tijana DosenUnknown$12.00
Nemanja AleksicUnknown$12.00
MK Sales CompanyFort Lauderdale, United States$11.00
Nikola TosicUnknown$11.00
Dejan BabicAustria$11.00
Veljko KalkanUnknown$11.00
Mihajlo RadivojevicHof, Germany$11.00
Dragan MiljkovicUnknown$11.00
Milorad DjuricicStockholm, Sweden$10.00
Milan MilicicUnknown$10.00
Dragan MijatovicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Milos AleksicReichenbach, Germany$10.00
Katarina BelojicaUnknown$10.00
Bojan VlaskiBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$10.00
Lazar LekicUnknown$10.00
Franc DornikDobravlje, Slovenia$10.00
Dejan DordevicStavanger, Norway$10.00
Bojan TubicUnknown$10.00
Boris SarovicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Irena JevticSt Saviour, United Kingdom$10.00
Dragana SorakUnknown$10.00
Srdjan PejicWindsor, Canada$10.00
Jakov BozovicPforzheim, Germany$10.00
Fedja MileusnicUnknown$10.00
Sandra JevticVoorburg, Netherlands$10.00
Dragan VujanovicObrenovac, Serbia$10.00
Milos HajdukovicUnknown$10.00
Valentina RadenkovicStavanger, Norway$10.00
Vasko GolubovicUnknown$10.00
Dejan BijelicBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$10.00
Milos IlicLjubljana, Slovenia$10.00
Radovan NovovicSan Antonio, United States$10.00
Milica KozicUnknown$10.00
Lothar FischerHamburg, Germany$10.00
Borislav VujanovicEbersberg, Germany$10.00
Danimir KalabicUnknown$10.00
Velimir SimeunovicBijeljina, Republika Srpska$10.00
Katarina DunjicAllschwil, Switzerland$10.00
Aleksa JovanovicUnknown$10.00
Svetozar DejanovicParis, France$10.00
Mladen BabicBijeljina, Republika Srpska$10.00
Vladimir TomicMunich, Germany$10.00
Nemanja JovicicTemerin, Serbia$10.00
Dusan GlisicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Aleksandar BogdanovicNiederhasli, Switzerland$10.00
Milan SavicCrawley West Sussex, United Kingdom$10.00
Vlada MilicKrusevac, Serbia$10.00
Nebojsa GligorevicPoplar Grove, United States$10.00
Ilija DureinovicUnknown$10.00
Ratko MarkovicBijeljina, Republika Srpska$10.00
Stefan StankovicFrankfurt, Germany$10.00
Bogdan LabanUnknown$10.00
Boris KreskoZurich, Switzerland$10.00
Vanja LujicAugsburg, Austria$10.00
Zeljko PetrovNunawading, Australia$10.00
Radomir RacicUnknown$10.00
Milan StanicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
BLMEDIA SPBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$10.00
Suzana KaracUnknown$10.00
Aleksandar SeslijaSubotica, Serbia$10.00
Ana LazarevicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Andrej ZajacUnknown$10.00
Milan GajicBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$10.00
Dijana MalesevicUnknown$10.00
Nikica BabicStoney Creek, United States$10.00
Bosko MistrelovicGaithersburg, United States$10.00
Miso SatricVienna, Austria$10.00
Sinisa DzakicPrague, Czech Republic$10.00
Stanko GagrcinUnknown$10.00
Nenad TesovicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
HD Computers d.o.o.Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina $10.00
Vanja VasiljevicBrcko, Republika Srpska$10.00
Vladan BatinicUnknown$10.00
Velimir MandicHamburg, Germany$10.00
Srdjan MojicBijeljina, Republika Srpska$10.00
Vladimir StanisicUnknown$10.00
Mladen SaracPittsburgh, United States$10.00
Vladan DunjicHelmond, Netherlands$10.00
Boris IvanovicUnknown$10.00
Milan CupicBorovo, Croatia$10.00
Robert VidovicBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$10.00
Milos RadulovicUnknown$10.00
Milanovic MarkoBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$10.00
Srdjan RemicUnknown$10.00
Milena RozenblatGlen Waverley, Australia$10.00
Sara NinkovicUnknown$10.00
Dimitrije NikolicLeoben, Austria$10.00
Marko StanojcicVienna, Austria$10.00
Aleksandar LjubisavljevicUnknown$10.00
Vesna PajicDusseldorf, Germany$10.00
Nikola LeticNeuhofen an der Krems, Austria$10.00
Branislav RikanovicUnknown$10.00
Aleksandar LaketicErlangen, Germany$10.00
Milos SebekUnknown$10.00
Dalibor TomicMunich, Germany$10.00
Nikola JovanovicUnknown$10.00
Ognjen MiskinTrnovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina$10.00
Slaven OlujicMonchengladbach, Germany$10.00
Aleksandar VukadinovicUnknown$10.00
Milica IlicKey West, United States$10.00
Slobodan DubljaninMannheim, Germany$10.00
Dorde SpernjakUnknown$10.00
Magdalena TrobonjacaMenden, Germany$10.00
Rastko JovicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Dejan SavicUnknown$10.00
Bojan TomicStuttgart, Germany$10.00
Aleksandar PerkovicUnknown$10.00
Ognjen MijatovicVienna, Austria$10.00
Milan ScepanovicUnknown$10.00
Dee Jay DixonBratislava, Slovakia$10.00
Zeljko PaicUnknown$10.00
Nemanja MicetaNovi Sad, Serbia$10.00
Jovan JovanovicUnknown$10.00
Nebojsa SajicUnited States$10.00
Milica VujevicUnknown$10.00
DZIVBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Nikolaj RadojcicChellaston, United Kingdom$10.00
Suzana NikolicUnknown$10.00
Mihael AbadzicNiederurnen, Switzerland$10.00
Rastko MikovicUnknown$10.00
Srdjan NiculovicFrankfurt, Germany$10.00
Nemanja Djokiclyons, United States$10.00
Andrej MilosavljevicUnknown$10.00
Neda MihajlovicDoboj, Republika Srpska$10.00
Sara SvircevUnknown$10.00
Milos KlincovMunich, Germany$10.00
Sanja StojanovicUnknown$10.00
Dusan KandicDubai, United Arab Emirates$10.00
Zoltan MihokSofia, Bulgaria$10.00
Nenad PavicDonji Agici, Republika Srpska$10.00
Marijana CembicUnknown$10.00
Katarina DincicKreuztal, Germany$10.00
Milutin JokicUnknown$10.00
Sara RieffelSteinhausen, Switzerland$10.00
Nikolina LalicUnknown$10.00
Branko GagricicSlemmestad, Norway$10.00
Branko KaranUnknown$10.00
Miodrag LapcevicBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Miljana MaticSmederevo, Serbia$10.00
Zeljko IvicDublin, Ireland$10.00
Perica NikolicBijeljina, Republika Srpska$10.00
Akos TopolcanjiUnknown$10.00
Sinisa SmitranBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
Zoran BasicUnknown$10.00
Bojan SamardzicBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$10.00
Sasa MilosevicUnknown$10.00
Dragan DjuricLiverpool, Australia$10.00
Dusko GataricBerlin, Germany$10.00
Stefan VitasUnknown$10.00
Slavko PreradWernau, Germany$10.00
Jelena TerzicUnknown$10.00
Sladjan ArsenicLuzern, Switzerland$10.00
Dragan CvetkovicUnknown$10.00
Igor LakicFrankfurt, Germany$10.00
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Zoran PetrovicParis, France$10.00
Nikola VeljkovicUnknown$10.00
Yuri WedgwoodRochester, United States$10.00
Andrej StosinUnknown$10.00
Petar LisovBelgrade, Serbia$10.00
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Dragana CicaUnknown$10.00
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Nikola PribisicToronto, Canada$10.00
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Mechanical EngineerUnknown$4.00
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Vladimir LjubojevicMunich, Germany$1.00
Marijo LozancicKresevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina$1.00
Sasa TrkuljaMoscow, Russia$1.00
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Mladen JankovicBanja Luka, Republika Srpska$1.00
Marko VasicSmederevo, Serbia$1.00
Danijel MiloradovicJagodina, Serbia$1.00
Radomir JovanovicBelgrade, Serbia$1.00
Nikanor StojkovicStuttgart, Germany$1.00
Milos VasicDoha, Qatar$1.00

As a result of Bosniak & Albanian extremists waging a campaign of disinformation and fear-mongering regarding our film “Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom”, for the past several weeks, the director Boris Malagurski, our film team and the many organizers of the film tour throughout the Western world have been the target of attacks and even terrorist threats, with one individual promising to burn down every venue in Switzerland that dares screen our film.

The campaign of lies and violence was started by several Bosniak NGOs one week before the film was released anywhere in the West, meaning that the claims they’ve made about the film were not the result of an analysis of the film’s content, but rather a part of an anti-Serbian agenda simply because the film deals with Serbs, their culture and tradition, their historic fight against the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian occupiers, as well as the evils of Nazism and fascism. Serbs lost a third of their population in the struggle for freedom in World War I and were the victims of genocide in World War II. In the film, we denounce all war crimes that took place in the Bosnian war of the 1990s, with our team filming at the Srebrenica Memorial, condemning what happened there as “the largest single act of mass-killing in the Yugoslav wars, and the worst in Europe since World War II” and adding that the Hague Tribunal, in its verdict, “what happened in Srebrenica constituted genocide”, without negating this. This isn’t the topic of the film, but we were clear in taking a stand against politicizing the victims of war, emphasizing that “understanding, not a Bosniak’s nor a Croat’s nor a Serb’s pain, but rather a human being’s pain would help to bring closure to these dark pages of human history.”

In spite of the fact that many cinemas and venues where screenings were planned had access to the film’s content and found nothing wrong with it, they were forced to cancel their screenings due to fear of protests and bad press, as many media outlets have covered the opinions of Bosniak NGOs and individuals about the film without ever asking the crucial question: “Have you even seen the film?” Thankfully, we’ve screened the film in various alternative venues and cinemas across Western Europe, and as more people are seeing the film, they’re becoming aware that the claims by the Bosniak NGOs regarding our film are unfounded. Several Western journalists, who’ve seen the film, have confirmed that the film neither denies crimes happened nor justifies them, and that the historical facts presented in the film are accurate. Some media outlets, like “Die Weltwoche” in Switzerland, gave voice to our opposition to the attempts of extremists to censor our film. German police and Austrian legal experts have asked to screen the film and found nothing wrong with its content – it is based on facts.

We continue to invite members of the Bosniak and Albanian community, the large majority of which do not share the extremists views of certain NGOs that claim to be representing “their interests”, to come out to our public screenings and watch the film before passing judgement on it. After every film premiere, we always organize a Q&A and everyone is more than welcome to voice their opinion in the film, as we believe in freedom of speech, not censorship.