In front of a full house at the famed Kombank Hall in Belgrade, the long-awaited documentary “The Weight of Chains 3” finally had its Serbian premiere. “Riveting”, “Emotionally charged and inspiring”, and “Malagurski’s best film” were just some of the comments that could be heard from the delighted crowds as they were exiting the cinema after a 5-minute standing ovation for Malagurski and his film team, comprising of cinematographers Milan Lakic and Mladen Jankovic, editor and animator Aleksandar Savic and researcher Igor Topalovic. There was a second screening the same evening after the premiere, also full.

As Malagurski stood on the stage, he thanked his film team and the countless donors who contributed towards the budget of the film. He also thanked the DOK#2 festival for screening the film on its closing night, and asked the audience to finish the film’s story upon leaving the cinema. Malagurski sent a strong message of rebellion towards the rotten system and asked the people to rise up against those who are suppressing our free will. The documentary deals with NATO’s bombing of Serbia with depleted uranium, the ecological catastrophe we face to this day and the rotten system that tries to stop the enslaved citizens of Serbia to rise up against the colonial chains and win their freedom, but also presents positive stories of those who fought the system and won.

After Belgrade, the film will premiere in Kraljevo on February 5th, in Kragujevac on February 6th, in Niš on February 7th, in Novi Sad on February 8th, in Lazarevac on February 9th, in Čačak on February 13th and in Subotica on February 15th! The film will also be screened in cities across Australia – in Melbourne (Geelong) on February 7th, in Melbourne (Brunswick) on February 8th, in Sydney (Bonnyrigg) on February 14th, in Sydney (Paddington) on February 16th, in Perth on March 1st, in Melbourne (Carrum Downs) on March 6th and in Adelaide on March 15th. The film is also set to have screenings in Podgorica, Montenegro on Feburary 28th and Berane, Montenegro on March 2nd, as well as in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska on March 9th. All the information can be found here.

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