Dear friends,

Following last night’s developing events in Montenegro during which all Serbian MPs were arrested in Montenegro’s parliament, as well as dozens of honorable citizens, following an open revolt in which people charged the streets, rebelled against Milo Djukanovic’s terrorist regime and blocked all of Montenegro’s motorways, I decided not to be a passive onlooker of the monstrous NATO repressive aparatus which has discriminating Montenegro’s Serbs for years by taking away their right to their identity and language, and now trying to steal our Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, so I decided that my next documentary film will be about Montenegro.

Can you imagine two brothers from the same parents declaring themselves to be of different ethnicities? One is a Serb, the other claims to be Montenegrin. In a country where identity has become a political tool in the hands of one man, who is in power for 30 years, where a language is forged by adding made-up letters and everything material is privatized, now the regime is trying to steal the Serbian people’s spirituality, their monasteries and their historical icons. The media are silent about all this, but we must raise our voice and fight for the truth and justice!

I’d also like to use this opportunity to announce the arrival of our current film “The Weight of Chains 3” in cities across Montenegro, starting from the capital Podgorica on February 28 – all the information will be posted soon on the film’s official website. Thanks again to all who donated for this film and I hope that you will support the film about Montenegro as well!

Kindest Regards,

Boris Malagurski
Director, Producer

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