The Weight Of Chains 3


 The Weight of Chains 3 (2019) on IMDb

Year: 2019

Director: Boris Malagurski

Writer: Boris Malagurski

Executive Producer: Aleksandar Ivaz

Director of Photography:
Milan Lakic, Natalija Milosevic, Mladen Jankovic

Editing, animation, CGI & VFX: Aleksandar Savic

Genre: Documentary

Runtime:  123 min

Language: English, Serbian


The third installment of Serbian Canadian film director Boris Malagurski’s controversial feature documentary trilogy, “The Weight of Chains 3” is a Canadian film that explains how the military-industrial complex, big business and political interest groups endanger peoples’ health and very existence, zeroing in on the example of Serbia and other countries around the world such as Cuba, Chile, Italy and Bolivia. Through the analysis of crimes against the environment, genetic modification of food and the urgent issue of climate change, the film exposes the system we live in and presents inspirational stories that will make you rise up and take action.

Festivals & Awards

   2020 | Closing film | DOK Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, Serbia

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