Like Me a Million


Year: 2019

Director: Boris Malagurski

Writer: Dejan Nikolaj Kraljacic, Boris Malagurski

Genre: Documentary

Cast: Nikola Kojo, Milos Bikovic, Maja Susa

Cinematographer: Aleksandar Jakonic

Production Designer: Ana Milosevic

Costume Designer: Masa Kjara

Assistant Director: Ivana Malagurski

Sound Recorder & Supervisor: Srdjan Bajski

Post-production (Editing, Color Grading, Sound Design & Mixing):
Aleksandar Savic

Animation, CGI & VFX: Aleksandar Savic

Music Composer: Djordje Josipovic

Genre: Short fiction film

Runtime: 19 min

Language: Serbian


Like Me a Million is a comedy about a young couple – Charlie, a news editor on a private TV, and Dana, the TV owner’s secretary. Their story is intercepted by the “reality news” idea of Slobodan, the owner of the TV station where both of them work. Slobodan is in a hurry to start the reality as soon as possible because he owes money to a tycoon and time is running out, and trashy programs generate quick profits. Charlie is reluctant to support Slobodan’s idea but Slobodan convinces him it is what the viewers want. Although Slobodan is confident that his idea will generate the needed cash, the tycoon loses his patience. While Slobodan leaves the TV building, two masked men kidnap him and drive off in a van. That is when the twist happens.

Festivals & Awards

   2019 | Official Selection | 66th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival | Serbia

   2019 | Official Selection | Sarajevo Youth Film Festival | Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina